Lodging at The Trempealeau Hotel

Stay the night in one of our historic or riverside rooms, cottages or luxury suites.
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Regulations & Restrictions

Cancelation Policy: If you cancel with less than one week’s notice, you will be charged for the room if we are unable to rent it. We are empathetic to your plight but have just fifteen rooms to rent. On special weekends (ie Reggae Fest, Cajun Fest, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Catfish Days, Labor Day and ALL weekends in October) the cancellation policy is 30 days.

Two Night Minimum: From Memorial Day through Halloween there is a two night minimum for all weekends in our suites, the Pines cottage and the Kingfisher rooms. Only Friday/Saturday reservations for these properties can be accepted. Single nights on weekends can be booked in our historic rooms or in the other properties on the Wednesdays directly before the desired weekend (i.e. want a suite Friday the 13th only, call on Wednesday the 1tth for availability).

Pet Policy: As almost all our rooms have some form of carpeting or rugs, pets are only allowed in our Kingfisher rooms. Pet charge for the Kingfishers is $20 per pet first night and $15 per pet the following consecutive nights. Noncompliance will result in cleaning charges of $250.

Over-Occupation: Only Room #10, King Fisher #3 and The Pines are set up for more than two guests. Bringing in more than two people in the remaining rooms will result in additional charges of $20 per adult, $10 per child.

Smoking: is not allowed in any rooms. If it is determined your room has been smoked in during your stay, you incur a $250 cleaning fee.