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Let”s armchair analyze Chris O’Leary. He can be brooding, angry, melancholy and hilarious in the course of just a few songs. He is always honest, passionate and incredibly talented. Throw a five-piece consisting of some of the best blues players in the country in the mix and you’ve got a sound that will not be ignored. Chris and the guys tour the nation and the world, playing to ever growing audiences.

So what keeps bringing this New Yorker O’Leary back to Wisconsin again and again? He really likes, no loves, no craves a beer that her can only get here. Yes, that’s right, Chris O’Leary is a self admitted Spotted Cow addict. So when you come see The Chris O’Leary Band – and you most certainly should if you have a predilection for the blues, make sure to offer to buy him one. He probably wont say no.