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And now, a little about the artists…
Singer-songwriter Stacy Hanson has been writing and performing his songs of hope around the Midwest for the better part of the last two decades. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, he has developed a blend of Folk Americana music with rock n’ roll undertones all his own. His rich baritone voice resonates with conviction and continues to lure in audiences wherever he goes.
Tim Eddy is an ambassador of song and a songwriter. His lyrics have been put to music by a handful of his music heroes. He makes music happen by organizing shows for artists that he adores and occasionally performing himself.
She can sing you to the depths of your longing or shake you alive with her beats. Since 2008 Katie Scullin has been that little engine—chugging up the hill and gaining momentum with her lyrics, lights and loveliness. From quiet listening rooms to high-energy festivals she easily conjures sublime melodies and moody sensations with a tap of the toe and a strum of her guitar. We want to be there with her. In the light. In the darkness. She makes it look so easy, and we immediately feel like a confidante. Scullin continues to challenge herself and her sound by diving into new projects and producing impressive works as an independent artist.
Bring some cash money for these lovely people who are just jonesing to bring a little more light to your world through their music. We only have live music outdoors, so the days are numbered. Come on out and get together apart. Be healthy. Wear a mask when not able to socially distance or when speaking to staff or musicians. And as always, wash those hands. We got this!