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Another Songwriter Sunday filled with great tunes, intelligent lyrics and some very cool people sharing their incredible craft and creativity. Check out the line up!

John Ashton is an internationally-acclaimed photographer who just happens to build guitars and play them. He also makes up songs and sings them. John Ashton tells stories, too. He is smart and funny. He’s bringing Bill Smith, the best harp player he knows (and he know a million of ‘em), to add to the mayhem. This will be John’s  first visit to the Trempealeau Hotel. He’s going to love it and your going to love him.
Simply put, Raldo Schneider, is among the best songwriters in America today. He uses his songs to perform magic without deception. They are poignant, lusty, funny, and an absolute delight. If you’ve never seen Raldo perform you are in for a real treat. If you’ve seen him a hundred times you are in for a real treat.
Eddie Allen is that knucklehead who lives just down the street from here. He started hanging out at The Hotel during the bicentennial when domestic taps were ten cents. He’s been around long enough to have come up with a lot of dumb ideas. He shares them in story and song.
Bill Smith is the go-to harmoni-cat for the entire Twin Cities music scene. But don’t take Eddie’s word for it; come see for yourself.