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 Tuesday, August 15 @ 6:30pm

 Open Jam 

Chris sings about bartenders, Eddy about America and Gregg about breaking TVs – and that's just a short excerpt of what to expect when the OMC get's together. Standards of blues, country and folk and originals like the ones mentioned above await your participation or listening pleasure. Everyone is welcome, bring a smile or your instrument – or better yet both.


 Thursday, August 17 @ 7pm

Probably one of the most accomplished songwriters from the greater Twin Cities, Doug Collins's hooky mix of pop and classic country are highlighted in his energetic shows, soulful singing, and honest, emotional songs. His most recent release, Complicated Compliments, came out in February 2016, and was recently voted "Best of the Year" by the Minneapolis Star Tribune .

 Friday, August 18 @ 7pm

 The Old Fashioneds 

From Swing to surf rock, from rock 'n roll to reggae, Mike, Sarah, Zac and Dave from Winona know it, play it - and play it well. Space on the dance floor will be limited, so get here early and then get your groove on!

 Saturday, August 19 @ 8pm

 Society of Broken Souls

Multi-instrumentalists Dennis and Lauren stem from Texas and New York. Currently residing in Fairfield, Iowa, they tour the country with a very distinct flavor of folk music. Some might call it dark – folk noir even - but once you hear it, you will agree they bring out the dazzling brokenhearted jewels that make us fully embrace this sweet, crazy, beautiful life.