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 Thursday, October 19, 7pm  

 Melissa Kay McCarthy 

Melissa has been singing since she was 4, playing the violin at 11 and competing at karaoke shows at 15. She's spent years teaching hearing impaired kids on the remote Prince of Wales Island, Alaska and has been collecting songs and lyrics ever since. She's published two CDs and played shows all over the nation. Her special brand of alt-country and Americana is not just catchy but downright addictive.


Saturday, October 21, 6pm 

 Colin Marshall 

It has not been that long since Colin from La Crosse turned our bar into a groovy-crazy dance floor. We're sure he'll do that again with this early gig, featuring all your favorite sing-alongs, dance-ables and shout out requests. If you want it and he knows it – and chances are he does - fun will be had. But being a true songwriter, Colin will surely feature some of his beautifully insightful originals. Get ready for a musical smorgasbord.